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ABOUT – this guy is goood

Media Park Rotterdam was founded in 2010 by Ronald van der Heijden. He fell in love with storytelling as a kid and decided never to grow up. He builds on 15 years' experience in public speaking, film production and doodling. He’s passionate about the new Renaissance in modern media and contributes, connects and creates from this passion.

Ronald is an experienced trainer and producer who sets projects in motion. His brain works like a library archive filled with fresh formats and proven concepts. In most meetings, people around him start taking notes or ask afterwards ‘can you email me that thing?’.

Since some people always want to know “what you're about”, here it is:

Vision: to contribute to a content-driven media industry by leveraging the best of techniques and technologies for your conversation

Mission: to spark, engage and enable meaningful conversations in every direction of society



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Flying ronald
7 personal things about me. Most of them true

  1. If my house was on fire, I’d run out with (1) my girlfriend (2) the big kitchen knife (graduation present) and (3) a 20kg bronze statue (modern art)
  2. I enjoy cooking, even when I’m not hungry
  3. I have a stationary fetish (but mostly write on napkins and coasters)
  4. I actually like Powerpoint. Honest
  5. I don’t have a car. I don’t plan to buy one any time soon
  6. I’m a huge procrastinator, but I’m always on time
  7. I’ve always fancied writing and performing a 30 minute comedy show on stage