Media Park Rotterdam - Telling your story is a walk in the Park.

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Create your story - versatile and scalable film production

Why film?

Camera company CANON summarized it all in one simple ad campaign: We Speak Image.

These 3 words elegantly summarize how to inform, engage and connect with the world. But Media Park Rotterdam wants to push your limits. We want to help you tell your story. So, YOU speak image!

Why us?

Media Park Rotterdam offers scalable and versatile filming solutions. From a camjo HD-filmguy-and-editor all-in one to a small/midsize production crew with sound- and light guys. We know our way around TV-studios, greenscreens, voice recording facilities and specialized support crews (make-up artists, voice trainers, actors).

Whether you’re looking for a Youtube-video, promo clip, elearning content, client talkshow, sales pitch or classic company video or even a short documentary; we help to create your story.

From first steps, to full story

We do first steps, such as script & storyboard, or preparing your story for an audience or on-camera

Creating your story with film, is just a walk in the Park